As a Fund Manager looking to raise capital from institutional investors — a pitch deck is a necessity. Pitch decks serve as a quick overview of your fund, your strengths, your investment thesis, and your plan for the fundraise. This allows you to communicate clearly and succinctly with potential investors…

Choosing a potential lawyer for your fund is an important decision, helping you formalize your legal structure while guiding you through the obligations of becoming a fund manager. Here are some criteria to use in interviewing and picking your fund’s lawyer.

1. Coverage

Ask who will be your daily point-person…

As a new fund manager, it is critical to configure your fund’s basic setup *before* you begin fundraising and investing. A fund setup consists of a clear vision, a differentiated investment thesis, plus a long-term framework for fund structure and operations. …

As you build a new product for your business, be sure to conduct pre-launch customer discovery interviews to validate your ideas from the start, saving you the time and money by not building (or re-building) something no one wants. Here are the steps to successfully conduct your pre-launch customer discovery:

Step 1. Select Your Customer

Financial awareness of your business is a critical part of tracking your performance. Once equipped with accurate financial information, you can make important business decisions that can mean the difference between a healthy company or failure. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know about your business’s finances:

Cash Flow & Balance Sheet

Service provider relationship management covers a wide range of operational tasks from finance to legal to technology. For many businesses, it is more effective to outsource certain operational tasks to third-parties and vendors (“providers”), than to handle in-house — especially if your team is small. By leveraging expert providers, you…

Starting a business can be a daunting yet rewarding endeavor for an entrepreneur. Begin with a checklist to ensure you stay organized and hit the right milestones from the beginning. Follow this checklist to guide you through your business’s launch:

1. Vision

Your vision is the long-term outcome desired for your business…

Kaego Ogbechie Rust

CEO at KHOR Consulting, helping companies build business plans, pitch decks, and streamline their operations. Email:

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